TG-S (Science - Magical Plant Clock)
TG-S (Science - Magical Plant Clock)
TG-S (Science - Magical Plant Clock)
TG-S (Science - Magical Plant Clock)

TG-S (Science - Magical Plant Clock)


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1 QUANTITY = 1 PCS (Under the discount price, at least 8 PCS/BOX are required to buy.)


1 PLANT CLOCK - no batteries needed.

1 POT - suitable for any small plant.

1 BASE TRAY - avoid mess and retain excess water.


Science - Magical Plant Clock

Best for: Giving as a creative gift, as a home accessory or for kids and teens.

1、No batteries! The clock runs from energy generated in a chemical reaction between metal electrodes and mud.

2、Great for children and teens to become scientists and learn how to generate power from nature. A fun science experiment.

3、Combine nature with an essential home device.


Plant Clock: The dimensions of the plant clock are 17 x 8 x 8.5 cm. The product comes with sandpaper, but soil and seeds need to be bought separately.  

Pot: The growing pot dimensions are 8.5 x 8.5 cm and designed to retain up to 30 ml of water.

Base Tray: The dimension of the base tray is 25.5 x 8.5 x 2 cm, and each base tray can hold 3 growing pots.

Quick Guide:

  1. Pull Out the Clock
  2. Sand the Metal: Sand the electrodes lightlywith the sandpaper provided.
  3. Transplants:Use ‘Water-loving’  plants and ensure full of soil on both sides.
  4. Replace the Clock:Water the plants & soil and replace the clock part.
  5. Set the time: Press the ’up’ key for the mode and the ‘down’ key for the numbers.