Wholesale Price 

Get wholesale price - Get a unique price request you to register first if you are new here. After registering, the moment you get a confirmation email is time for opening wholesale right to you in our shop!

Can't get the discount price(Wholesale Price)-You might be in the following situation:
1. You have not login or register already and you only need to create or login you own account.

2. You do not buy in carton box (not satisfied with the minimum amount ). So you need to change the products quantities in cart.

Discount - We provide about 55% off for all countries.

Currency - All the prices in the shop are in USD.

Minimum Amount

You are requested to buy at least on box for each products. If you just buy one unit   (1 PCS), the system only allow you to buy in retailing price. If you buy one carton box, you could buy in wholesale price.

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