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LeGrow humidifier 'Automatic shutdown' when water running-out

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Purify the Air and Increase Humidity

1、The LeGrow Humidifier package addresses the #1 cause of dying indoor plants (lack of moisture) and is the missing link to growing plants indoors. A must-have for all indoor plant enthusiasts.

2、Keep moist and purify the air, helping to relieve dry skin problems related to indoor heating or air-conditioning, improving the air you breathe, and benefiting your lungs and overall health.

3、Help water-loving plants grow better.



LeGrow Humidifier releases more than 60 ml of water per hour and stores enough water for 6 hours. Input: USB Power Plug, DC 5V, 2.4A.

package size:24*19*15

LeGrow Modular Garden

Create a customized desktop garden

- Just stack and expand.

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