The Story

The seasons change. The plants change, as well as our mood changes. Throughout the year, we disassemble and reassemble LeGrow products to transform the design of indoor gardens.

In 2017, being inspired by my 4-year-old daughter’s building block toy, and my passion for plants, I as a designer, created LeGrow, a creative indoor planting system brand. Since launching, LeGrow has up to 10 thousand followers till now.

Today, I am introducing you to the brand new LeGrow series. We refine an integrated self-watering system, which enables the planter to absorb water from the tray, and the air to nurture the roots. The trays are connected as building blocks, easy and flexible to create into any shape. Once water fills one tray, the whole oasis are fully filled. Water once every 7 to 15 days is enough for maintenance. The transparent bottom of the block is convenient for users to monitor the water storage.

Modular Self-watering Tray

Improve space humidity, effective 50cm diameter

Embedded with a Bluetooth wireless speaker of excellent quality, plus reflectivestructure inspired by the Italian bell tower, Giotto’s Campanile, the sound of the speaker can reach up to 10 meters far, and is consistent in all directions.

LeGrow is highly recommended for office or home decoration, which is more sustainable, less time and cost-consuming.

With LeGrow, more and more fantasy is able to be created, such as tropical Rainforest Vivarium, Garden by the Bay in Singapore, the American Grand Canyon waterfalls, the Monument Valley, and so on.

The concept of sustainable application of environmental protection, the old flowerpot, plus the connecting piece, becomes a lamp post. New accessories will also fit into the old system without waste.

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