Shipping and custom?

The shipping fee is different when the Product shipped to different countries. Please be aware that there may be extra customs fees due to the policy of different countries. Backers need to take care of it by themselves. Backers should check the local regulation of customs duties first.

What plants can I grow with in LeGrow?

    we have some suggestions

    How often should I water the plants?

      For standard and moss planter is on the modular water storage trays
      - Fill the tray with water once a week.
      For vertical planter, soak the plants modular in water for 1-2 weeks for 10 minutes.

      Does the power plug suitable for different countries?

        We'll provide power plug varies from the order countries. 

        The glass bottle of the humidifier is broken, where can I buy it?

          Combination recommendations for LeGrow products?

            Please follow the LeGrow on instagram with hundreds of solutions.

            Why isn't the humidifier working? Why is it leaking?