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LeGrow Herb Garden (Small) 8x planting holes

LeGrow Herb Garden (Small) 8x planting holes

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LeGrow Herb Garden - Small  ( HS )

Grow indoor herbs year-round 

With LeGrow you can grow all the kitchen herbs you need and keep the harvest season going all winter long to flavor your favorite dishes and take your cooking to the next delicious level!

45 days

90 days

120 days





SIZE inch  cm
Width 10
Depth 8
Height 9


 8-10  plants can be used.   


  • standard pot
  • vertical pot 
  • Self-watering tray
  • grow light
  • This set does not include the power supply, you can use a mobile phone charger to supply power, requiring 5V1.5A



    ABS(UV resistant)*Planter / Tray / Speaker / Humidifer

    ABS / PC (Flame retardant and UV resistant)*Lamp & Power dock

    Care Instructions

    Fill the trays with water once a week, the lamps automatically 12 hours a day.

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    Low Maintenance 

    Taking care of multiple plants can be a real hassle for busy people. Plants require careful watering for proper growth and it’s a task that is easily overlooked. LeGrow has an automatic watering system so that you don’t need to water the plants every day. Even if you leave for a trip, LeGrow will keep your plants happy and healthy while you’re away.

    * LeGrow Side Table Garden