We designed modular system to make indoor gardening easy

Super Easy to Build

The garden takes care of watering and lighting, no plant species restrictions, you can easily create the best growing environment. And learn the knowledge of gardening from happiness.

Builds Just Like Blocks

LeGrow is a modular designed planter system. With every single planter, a fun & functioning indoor garden can be built. Simply place different modules together for different uses. Build your indoor garden as easy as playing with Lego, fun and creative.

The benefits of using LeGrow indoor gardens

1. 12 hours of automatic lighting per day, to meet the growth of plants in any environment.

2. Water once every 7 to 15 days is low maintenance.

3. Fills one tray, the whole oasis are fully filled.

1. Beautify the environment easily,
2. Easily change the combination form,
3. Relieve stress and improve your physical and mental health

How to build LeGrow indoor garden

Just 3 steps!

  • 1. Combined trays based on space

  • 2. Choose your favorite plants

  • 3. Use lights and humidifiers as needed by plant species

A guide to help you choose the best garden to fit your space

Whether it's a cup space, an iPad-sized garden, a 15 inch-wide home landscape setting, or even an indoor oasis the size of an entire table, our products can meet your needs.

LeGrow System Function

LED Grow Lights

Seft-watering Trays

Lego Likes Growing System

360degree Humidifier

360degree Speaker

4-USB Ports Safe Power


Grow indoor herbs year-round 

With LeGrow you can grow all the kitchen herbs you need and keep the harvest season going all winter long to flavor your favorite dishes and take your cooking to the next delicious level!

Release your stress and anxiety 

Research has shown that indoor plants can reduce tension in people by almost 40 percent because they remind us of the outdoors, nature, and a slower pace of life. Indoor gardening releases your stress and calms your emotions.

Why grow your own vegetable garden?

Having a vegetable garden for fresh organic food is more important than ever. Growing your own vegetable garden is an easy way to save money, stay active, and have fresh vegetables, herbs at your fingertips! No chemical pesticides, no food contamination. All you eat is clean and healthy.

Better for mental health

For people who spend a lot of time indoors, healthy air quality should be a top priority. Some plants can remove pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene, trichloroethylene, and carbon monoxide. With all these plants, your indoor air gets purified and you can breathe clean fresh air.

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  • @gardengeek LeGrow is a great indoor garden idea for smaller spaces with less natural light.

  • @ Nic Lam The planters slot together to make the perfect design unique to your space.

No matter where you plan to bulid your garden, it can easily be combined into a beautiful interior landscape