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How to use LeGrow?


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What plants can I grow with in LeGrow?

You can grow any plants you like.


How often should I water the plants?

7 to 15 days between two watering.


Does the power plug suitable for different countries?

We'll provide power plug varies from backers' countries. You can choose from the post-campaign survey then.


Hi, so far i really like my LeGrow, it does however seem like they dont actually get any water from the self watering tray, i have herbs in there, and made sure the cotton strips were placed right... is there some trick that I'm not getting 😅 They dry out pretty fast but the tray is still full.

There are 2 key points: 1. Whether the soil and the absorbent cotton are completely fitted. 2. Whether the roots of the plant are stretched into the water.

To ensure these two conditions, 【you just do one thing】, water from the top of the pot every 2 days in the early (about1-2 weeks). When you see plant roots appear on the transparent tray, you can fill the water to the tray once a week, low maintenance. Thanks again for your question