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Our highly acclaimed garden

Get Your Green Thumb On: Pick Fresh Herbs, Fruits, Flowers, and Veggies Straight From Your Countertop!

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Indoor gardening relieves stress and promotes emotional calmness. Get ready for a wild ride as you embark on your indoor gardening adventure! Let the magic of plants wash away your worries and fill your space with tranquility.

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3d print


Experience the thrill and tranquility of a waterfall in your own home, creating a captivating ambiance like no other!

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Tiny but mighty when it comes to nature

Find Your Green Thumb with a Small Vatical Garden!

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Mini Garden

Get ready to delight your colleagues, relatives, and kids with our quirky and fun products!

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Green Finger Favorite

Embark on a Journey of Botanical Bliss with Succulents, Foliage Plants, and Vanilla Seeds!

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Exclusive moss vase

Achieve Perfect Growing Conditions for Carnivorous and Moss Plants with Our Expertly Crafted Pots.

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Every morning at breakfast, fill the water bottle with water. The humidifier provides moist air to the plants and gradually dries it out at night, creating the perfect growing environment.

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Join the Herb Squad and Save the Planet, One Leaf at a Time!

Devoted to a never-ending supply of fresh greens. Start it up and kiss those trips to the farmers' market goodbye. Plants come as a bonus.

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Indoor garden expansion set

Take your indoor gardening to the next level with our expansion set. It includes 10 additional pots and 2 sets of trays, giving you the freedom to grow your plant collection and create a vibrant oasis in your home!

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