The Best Humidifier for Plants | LeGrow Indoor Garden Guide 2022

The Best Humidifier for Plants | LeGrow Indoor Garden Guide 2022

Many of the wonderful indoor leafy plants we love to see on social media and in people's homes are tropical! For the most part, the natural environment for these plants is the tropical rainforest. 

Some plants like epiphytes (air plants) get all their water not from the ground but from the surrounding environment. This means they can only survive in high-humidity environments.

How do I know if the plants need more humidity?💧

Instead of giving you a list of plants that like humidity, look out for signs that your plants need more humidity. You will know when the leaves and their tips turn brown. The plants started to wilt and droop, and they also shed more dry leaves than usual. Touch the soil, if the top layers are dry or don't look damp, they may need more humidity. If the leaves are brittle when you touch them, that's another symptom to watch out for.

There is also a misconception that misting plants with water helps increase humidity. Unfortunately, it doesn't really work. Unless you're watering your plants every 30 minutes, watering can only be considered fitness.

That's why we designed a humidifier for the LeGrow indoor garden 💧

We generally buy space humidifiers on the market. The emission direction of the water mist is at the top, and the humidifiers designed by our plants have humidification ports around, and the plant leaves can quickly increase the humidity.

In the industrial design of humidifiers, we initially designed a humidifier for a universal pet water bottle but ended up throwing the sample in the trash without hesitation. The newly designed humidifier is inspired by the different physical states of water. The water-retaining glass ball in the shape of a water droplet is like a drop of water dripping onto a water surface, so the design of the top cover of the fuselage is the ripples on the water surface. Subsequently, the top cover The gap below is used as the air outlet of the humidifier, implying that the liquid water finally gets the invisible form of vaporization.

When to Use a Humidifier? 💧💧💧

For best results, the best time to use a plant humidifier is between sunrise and noon each day.

*Image source user's social sharing.

You can fill the water bottle of the LeGrow humidifier with water during breakfast, and then the water stored in the water bottle will be used up at noon, and the water will automatically shut off when the water is dry. There is no need to plug and unplug the USB power supply at all, it turns on when it is filled with water and turns off when it is dry.

If in doubt about the humidity level in your home, use a hygrometer to take an accurate measurement. Different plants have different ranges of preference, but most plants will prefer a relative humidity of 40% to 60%.

There is nowhere in the leaves of tropical plants to store water because they never need to store water in the presence of humidity and rainfall all the time! Because of how much water is normally present, these plants can release excess water from their leaves in a process called drainage.

The leaves have stomata that basically allow the plant to breathe. They let in carbon dioxide and release water vapor. They can be turned on or off based on humidity levels. But if it's closed for too long because the air is dry, it's as if the plants are holding their breath! 

Weather and Seasons 💧💧💧

Each location has its own specific climate, but generally, there is high humidity in summer and very low humidity in winter.

For physical reasons, warmer air can hold more water vapor, while cooler air cannot hold as much water vapor. Then after using the heater at home in winter, the humidity of the air will drop sharply.

So you should use a humidifier for your plants in winter when the air is dry, and in summer if you live in a climate with low humidity.

Humidity over 85% is too high for any plant, and humidity below 40% requires the use of a humidifier to increase air humidity for tropical rainforest plants and general green leafy plants.

 < 40%

Need to increase humidity


Suitable for plant growth

> 80%

Humidity is too high


I hope this issue can help you to establish an understanding of plants' demand for humidity so that you can grow hot plants well 💧

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