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LeGrow Humidifier with USB power supply Purify the air and increase humidity

LeGrow Humidifier with USB power supply Purify the air and increase humidity

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LeGrow Humidifier and charger Set (HP)


SIZE inch  cm
Width 10
Depth 4
Height 10


  2   plants can be used.   Including:

  • standard pot

Functional accessories:

  • humidifier
  • 4-port USB charger


Modular Garden Design

6 hours humidification time 1 bottle

Automatic shutdown, when the water runs out


Purify The Air and Increase Humidity

Best for Office workers who suffer from dry skin, and a way to grow thirst plants indoors.

1、The LeGrow Humidifier package addresses the #1 cause of dying indoor plants (lack of moisture) and is the missing link to growing plants indoors. A must-have for all indoor plant enthusiasts, especially for water-loving plants.

2、Keep moist and purify the air, helping to relieve dry skin problems related to indoor heating or air-conditioning.

3、A growing pot with an integrated internal water reservoir that can hold up to 100 ml-this means you can fill up with water to the tray one-time pre-week, less frequently, and save time. Also great for forgetful people.




    ABS(UV resistant)*Planter / Tray / Speaker / Humidifer

    ABS / PC (Flame retardant and UV resistant)*Lamp & Power dock

    Care Instructions

    Fill the trays with water once a week, the lamps automatically 12 hours a day.

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    Low Maintenance 

    Taking care of multiple plants can be a real hassle for busy people. Plants require careful watering for proper growth and it’s a task that is easily overlooked. LeGrow has an automatic watering system so that you don’t need to water the plants every day. Even if you leave for a trip, LeGrow will keep your plants happy and healthy while you’re away.

    * LeGrow Side Table Garden