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LeGrow Herb Garden (Large)14x planting holes

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 LeGrow Herb Garden - Large ( HL )


SIZE inch  cm
Width 10
Depth 10
Height 12


 14-17  plants can be used.   Including:

  • standard pot
  • vertical pot  

Functional accessories:

  • Self-watering tray
  • grow light
  • This set does not include the power supply, you can use a mobile phone charger to supply power, requiring 5V1.5A


45 days

90 days

120 days


Grow indoor herbs year-round 

With LeGrow 2021 you can grow all the kitchen herbs you need and keep the harvest season going all winter long to flavor your favorite dishes and take your cooking to the next delicious level!


LeGrow Modular Garden

Create a customized desktop garden

- Just stack and expand.

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