LeGrow100 project will design new combinations using existing LeGrow components or create new accessories for carnivorous. Sarracenia, sundew, VFT(Venus flytrap), Dionaea, nepenthes, Pinguicula ,Utricularia

Carnivous Garden


I came up with a plan to adjust my carnivorous plant garden. The idea is to use different heights to meet the varying light needs of different types of carnivorous plants, since I only have a 100-watt LED light source indoors. Each plant would be placed at an appropriate height to get the right light intensity. At the top, there would be Sarracenia with their roots submerged in water. Below that, there would be FVT, which can handle both wet and dry conditions. On the bottom level, I have three other types of carnivorous plants that would get moisture from a humidifier.

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