TG-L (“Sunshine” Indoors)
TG-L (“Sunshine” Indoors)
TG-L (“Sunshine” Indoors)
TG-L (“Sunshine” Indoors)
TG-L (“Sunshine” Indoors)

TG-L (“Sunshine” Indoors)


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1 LAMP - which automatically lights up for 6 hours everyday. It is also a substitute for natural sunlight that helps plants thrive in dark and shady areas.

5 POTS - which can be adjusted or stacked make the LED lamp higher.

2 CONNECTORS - stack the pots as high as you want, and in fun designs.

1 CORNER TRAY - fits 3 plant pots.


“Sunshine” Indoors

Best for: Sunshine Indoors is ideal for plant lovers or those who work in dimly lit offices.

1、Brightens any area, with ‘sunlight’ automatically stimulated for 8 hours per day.

2、Assists indoor plants lacking light, as the LED 2 bulb lamp aids in stimulating the light conditions for photosynthesis - great for indoor and winter growing.

3、Easy maintenance and minimal upkeep for a beautiful desk garden.


LeGrow LED Lamp has 2 LED bulbs generating 50,000 Lux. The maximum output is 50,000 lumens. Input: USB Plug, DC 5V, 1A. 

Growing pot dimensions are 8.5 x 8.5 cm and designed to retain up to 30 ml of water.

Connector: Silicone material

Corner Tray: The dimension of the corner tray is 17 x 17 x 2 cm. It can be used to connect and fix upper or lower growing pots and fits easily into corner areas.